Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Star Laundry

How many people can say they love laundry? Not many, I believe I am one of the very few who does. 

Star Laundry was founded in 2007, Star was born from the efforts and hard work of men and women who were previously employed by World Cleaners; est 1999.

Youssef Hijazi president and engineer at World Cleaners saw a tremendous opportunity to create jobs and build a new, state of the art facility in Paterson, New Jersey.

Mr. Hijazi, of World Cleaners, realized his potential to grow in the hospitality industry and opened Star Laundry in the fall of 2007.

Today with over 20 years of laundry experience, Mr. Hijazi employs over 65 full time employees processing 60,000 plus pounds of hotel laundry per day.

The current plant has a 100,000 pound per day capacity in one shift and a two stage expansion underway.

Star Laundry's missions are constantly met and are guaranteed to stay that way for the span of business. Star Laundry maintains being the preferred Laundry vendor in the tri-state area by delivering consistent product, quality and service.

Star Laundry continues to build professional relationships with a personal touch by adding value assisting hotel management with laundry operation.

The company is home to a diverse group of people that enjoy being part of the Star Laundry Team and share the vision of the laundry's missions.